Donate Time

We understand that sometimes it is easier for most people to donate money to a charity than giving their time. Having said that there are many people who are looking for an opportunity to help others by donating their time. However, they do not know where to begin, where to go, so Saah Welfare Trust is offering a great opportunity to the people who have some spare time on their hands to come on board with Saah Welfare Trust.

We are always looking for volunteers to take up some tasks to help Saah Welfare Trust in achieving its goal of helping the poor and marginalized Kashmiris.

Saah Welfare Trust has been running for over 05 years and specialises in Kashmir, so we are in a much greater position to understand and sympathise with the local culture and needs.

Saah Welfare Trust is conscious of the fact that most donors would want us to spend their entire donation on the projects and not on the running costs of the charity. So that is why Saah Welfare Trust relies on volunteers for most of its work, therefore, minimum administration costs.

Volunteers can help Saah Welfare Trust through fund raising; they can come to office and help us with various tasks, also sorting out clothing, donated to us, for the packaging to generate income for Saah Welfare Trust’s projects.

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