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Saah Welfare Trust is an independent voluntarily trust “WORKING FOR THE HUMANITY”.
The trust is for welfare of masses.
It is working without any political religious motives and without discrimination of gender, caste, sect or religion. Saah Welfare Trust aims to serve the needy, deserving and suffering humanity, without any worldly motives.
Those, who labour and permit others to share their wealth by the indigent, the afflicted, the needy, the hungry, desolates and deprived win love, mercy and blessings of Almighty Allah.
So far we worked alone without any donation, which is evident from our works. We look forward to your participation by donating funds, co-operation and sharing our burden in this noble cause.     
Lt Col
Syed Saadat Hussain Shah(R)



Syed Sibt e Ali ,Director Finance attended capacity Building Training at Greenacre Islamabad on 1 and 2 May 2014.

PIR SYED KHALIL HUSSAIN SHAH Free Medical Camp was organised at Sohawa Sharif on 20 April under Saah welfare Trust.A Team of Medical specialist checked over 500 patients ,ECGS and Labortery tests were conducted and patients were reffered to various hospital .

On 30 Nov 2013 at Chirala Chaudhary Abdul Majid, Prime Minister Azad Jammu Kashmir distributed Pir Syed Khalil Hussain Shah Annual Education Award for Year 2012 and 2013 at Chirala. 47 awardees received the award in the ceremony. Prime Minister also approved various projects for Allaqa Kandi / Union Council Chirala as recommended by the Chairman of trust Lt Col Syed Saadat Hussain Shah, Retired. The awards given at District Bagh level to following categories:- a. 1st , 2nd and 3rd position at District Bagh. b. 1st position in each school of Union Council Chirala. c. 1st position holder with more than 70% marks from Allaq Kandi i.e. Munesa, Salian, Kalus Paja, Nila Butt, Seesar, Rehianala and Ghaziabad. Best School Awards were given to Iqra Public School & College, Chirala and Read Foundation School Dhirkot. Chairman congratulates all awardees. .

Congratulation for awardees year 2012,2013 in District Bagh,who secured first ,seccond and third possitions . In yaer 2012 Miss Samreen kishwar (first, Read Foundation Dhirkot) ,Miss Maria yaqoob(Seccond, Spring Field Accademy Bagh),Miss Tania khaliq(third ,Read Foundation Hill surange ), In Year 2013 Miss Parsa Gul(first, Read Foundation Dhirkot) ,Ali Aqdas (Seccond ,Read Foundation Maloot),Miss Sidra Nisar (third , little Angel School Dhirkot) .

it is requested that please donate more and help needy people by giving yours Zakath ,Sadka and financial help.

Pir Syed Khalil Hussain Shah free medical camp was organised by SAAH welfae trust at Khapadar Tehsill Dhirkot(A.K) on 2 june,2013.About 983 patients were treated.

Apeal of donation for needy ,poor and orphan students for thier education


.Free Medical Camp for PMD and sugar, will be held at khalid Medical Center,Waris Khan Rawalpindi
on 28th May ,2012 at 1100 hrs under arrangement,


"    Free Medical Camp was organised at Kotli Dirkot(A.K) on 15 April,2012
.Round about 10-15 doctors were participating in this event.
Facilities such as ECG,Ultrasound etc were provided.

"    Scholarships and provision for books/stationery for needy students.

"    Provision of computers for Saah Institute of Technology (Girls)

"    Provision of books for Pir Syed Khalil Hussain Shah Memorial Library

"    Medicine for Saah Welfare Trust Medical Centres.

"    Medical Camps 2012 -2013.

"    Pir Syed Khalil Hussain Shah Annual Education Awards 2012-2013.

"    Construction of 2 x Link Road ( 8km)

"    Help for marriages of orphan/poor girls.

"    Financial Assistance for poor's.

"    Provision/procurement of Ambulance.

"    Over 50 persons were provided employment in Civil, Government and Semi Government organizations belonging to Azad Kashmir and Pakistan.(need such type of projects which can provide jobs to people)

"     Eleven needy persons of Tehsil Dhirkot provided financial assistance of  Rs. 1,07,000/- through Bait ul Mal(need financial assistance).

"     Ten patients of Cancer, Hepatitis were treated through Bait ul Mall belonging to Kotli, Bagh, Rawalakot and Rawalpindi.(need financial donations for helping such type of many people)

"     Rs. 90,000/- got sanctioned from Bait ul Mall for operation of a poor lady belonging to Tehsil Dhirkot.(help required for such typye of needy people)

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Aim is to assist in solving education, health, social and development problems of people of Pakistan with special reference to Azad Kashmir.
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